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Project: Chess-Composer
Tech: Vue.js, Chess.js, Tone.js, PWA
Task: technical concept and implementation

What does a chess game sound like? This deep question lead to this experimental application, which converts PGN chess notation into musical notation, creating sounds live via real-time software synthesis and sequencing. It applies music theory concepts (which needs more elaboration).

The Progressive-Web-App (PWA) runs completely offline and is installable on mobile devices. Current status is early alpha, more like a prototype. It only runs in modern browsers which support Web Audio API. Please don’t run any other audio/video content in your browser(-tabs). If you notice sound distortions reload the page.

Privacy on the internet

“Privacy blue” by Infosec Images is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

Edward Snowden

Some of you might be thinking about how to increase your level of privacy while using the internet. Here is a short list of links with a comprehensive collection of useful resources about how to protect your privacy:



Project: DPG-App
Tech: Vue.js, Phonegap
Task: technical concept and implementation
Link: DPG

iOS & Android hybrid app which leads visitors through the spring-meetings of Deutsche-Physikalische-Gesellschaft. This app features the complete event-program, a watchlist, calendar integration, local push-notifications and incremental data-updates.

Logitech M720 on Debian Stretch

Just a quick note on how to get the Logitech M720 detected and paired under Debian Stretch.
According to Logitech specs, this mouse uses “smart bluetooth”, meaning it’s a low enery device.
As the mouse was not detected via blueman graphical interface, some steps were neccessary to get the mouse discovered.

First make sure your bluetooth adapter is running properly.
Then install blueman package via apt.

open a shell and start a LE-device scan:
sudo hcitool lescan

this will get the mouse detected in the following scan:

open a second shell and run:
scan on
connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX


Raspberry Pi 3 in a tin case

I recently got a Raspberry-Pi 3 Model B as a development platform for Internet-Of-Things projects. The very first task was to give it an adequate housing, so I decided to put it into an Altoids tin.

raspi Altoids-tin






tools used:

  • sticky-tape
  • permanent marker
  • opinel no8 carbon steel knife
  • sandpaper

I transfered the  shapes and locations of the Pi´s plugs onto the sticky tape via the marker.
The tape was put on the Aldoids tin afterwards and the shape was cut out with the Opinel  knife. Although the Opinel did the job quite well maybe I should just use a dremel next time.


raspi-sandingWell, actually it turned out the PCB was a bit too large to fit in the Altoids so I sanded down the edges of the PCB almost up to the screwholes. Of cause you have to pay attention not to destroy any circuits or components.

To isolate the board from the metal case to prevent shortening components I put a plastic card at the bottom of the tin.

re-fuse – FENDER® FUSE™ Preset-Manager

Project: re-fuse, FENDER® FUSE™ Modelling-Amp Preset-Manager
Tech: Adobe Air, XML
Link: fuse-products

FENDER® FUSE™ kompatible guitar amps (i.e. Mustang product family) are so called modeling-amps with programmable DSPs. Because the FENDER® FUSE™ software is lacking in a comfortable sound- and effects preset management I wrote this 3rd party cross-platform app for OSX and Windows to edit and rearrange preset libraries.

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Fussball bewegt!

Projekt: Fussball bewegt – Fundraising website
Client: Kinder in Rio e.V.
Tech: WordPress, Flash, XML

Implementation of a fundraising website for the NGO Kinder in Rio e.V. (Children in Rio e.V .)
On the occasion of 2014 Soccer World-Cup in Brazil, a football pitch is going to be built for the Social Center Centenario / Brasil, which takes care of children who live in extreme poverty.

Skulp.Tour App

Procekt: Skulp.Tour iOS & Android App
Tech: Phonegap, JS, mySQL, PHP

Programming of a iOS & Android App for the art-organisation Die Freunde des Museums für Kunst und Kultur Münster e. V.
The App allows to scan qr-codes on sculptures around the city of Münster to get information about the artist and sculpture. Includes GPS-positioning and routes.