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Project: DPG-App
Tech: Vue.js, Phonegap
Task: technical concept and implementation
Link: DPG

iOS & Android hybrid app which leads visitors through the spring-meetings of Deutsche-Physikalische-Gesellschaft. This app features the complete event-program, a watchlist, calendar integration, local push-notifications and incremental data-updates.

re-fuse – FENDER® FUSE™ Preset-Manager

Project: re-fuse, FENDER® FUSE™ Modelling-Amp Preset-Manager
Tech: Adobe Air, XML
Link: fuse-products

FENDER® FUSE™ kompatible guitar amps (i.e. Mustang product family) are so called modeling-amps with programmable DSPs. Because the FENDER® FUSE™ software is lacking in a comfortable sound- and effects preset management I wrote this 3rd party cross-platform app for OSX and Windows to edit and rearrange preset libraries.

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